Samambaia Fazenda

Samambaia Coffee Farm

Consistent history

Since 1896 Cambraia family has been growing coffees in Santo Antônio do Amparo Village - Sul de Minas region - Brazil. The passion for excellence drives today’s fourth generation of Samambaia Farm to produce beautiful coffee lots, under sustainable and consistent processes. We are proud of our beans, and we would love to share with you and your customers, our tradition and our coffee experience!

Yellow Bourbon Coffee

International Awards

• 20th Place Brazil Cup of Excellence Naturals 2014
• 10th Brazil Cup Rainforest Alliance 2014
• Starbucks Reserve® - Brazil 2013
• 3rd CSC/BSCA Late Harvest 2006
• 8th Illy 2001
• 13th Brazil Cup of Excellence 2001
• 11th Brazil Cup of Excellence 2000

Cereja Coffee

Special lots

Natural Process:
Lado a Lado: cherries fully hand picked and selected and dried in the patio each one, side by side - Dr. Flávio Boren process.
Directo da Roça: rippen cherries straight from the plantation to the patio - no water tank contact - like great old times in Brazil.
Natural Classico: sun dried on trees - the dried cherries floats in the water tank separator, than goes to patio, with no depolping process.

Coffee Patio - Sul de Minas, Brazil

Wet Process:
Double Fermentado: cherries fully hand picked and selected, pulped and double washed, dried in the patio, each one bean, side by side - Dr. Flávio Boren process.
Cereja Descascada/Pulped Natural: fully rippen cherries, pulped, with no washing process, dried in the patio, in a very thin lay.

Brazillian Coffee

Main data

Top Varietals: Yellow Bourbon, Catigua MG2, Yellow Catucaí, Mundo Novo, Yellow Topazio and Yellow Catuaí.
Average altitude: 1.100mts/3600ft
Coffee area: 619 hectares
Harvest season: June to August
Permanent employees/families: 51


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